What Does it Mean to Have Self Worth

What does self worth entail?

self worth lionSelf worth encompasses a number of things, these include: one’s self-valuation and self-respect, the perceptions you have about yourself, your guiding principles, the expectations that you have for yourself and how you rank yourself within any gathering.

Evaluating your self worth requires that you ask yourself some pertinent questions. To really know where you lie you have to ask yourself: Are you happy being who you are? Do you feel that you are an equal to your peers or workmates as a human being? Do you feel appreciated for whatever role you play in life or in the society? The answers to these questions will begin to help you illuminate the levels of your self-worth.

People measure their self worth depending on various factors such how much they earn, the titles of their professions, your marriage, the number of friends they have and so forth. Others do not even think about it and have no clue whatsoever.

For women, the issue of self worth is mostly tied to the question of gender. Society does perceive women to be a weaker sex, not just physically but in other aspects too. Is that reasoning accurate? Women have been relegated to various roles that are considered feminine. When it comes to fashion, the media has been used to convince the masses that a certain body structure is more appealing. This has the effect of damaging the self esteem of those who feel that they don’t measure up to these standards.

That is why it is so important for one to understand their self worth and guard it from many who are intent on wearing it down. People with low self worth do not have enough courage to face the tough challenges in life, and without that how can one succeed in a cruel world? Success here applies to relationships, work, school and the society. People with high self worth are successful and exude high levels of confidence.

Take a moment and evaluate yourself, think deeply on the questions posed at the top of this article so that you can really find out whether you value yourself. It’s only by gauging ourselves that we can find out the truth and start work or correcting the problem. Remember to learn to appreciate all aspects of your life no matter how small for they are the building blocks of your self-worth.

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